Dear friends!


Thank you for your interest in our tour company. We want to introduce ourselves as a perspective travel company of the Republic of Tajikistan to the guests, tourists, staying in our sunny country with unforgettable nature, historical, architectural and cultural values. Chilmehrob - the word “mehrob” means place prayer. The symbolic word Chilmehrob means forty corner pieces wonderful ancient of historical cultural places of Tajikistan. Tour company Chilmehrob was established with the aim to show the best wonderful places of Tajikistan and Zerafshan Valley. In Tajikistan guests are a gift from God.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Tajikistan is growing year after year. The were mention of the ancient and fabulous cities in Asia, as Penjikent, Khujand, Istaravshan, Kulob, Kurgonteppa, a highway “roof of the world” Pamir and particularly the settlement of Sarazm included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage introduces the potential travellers to the exotic world.

Our company is ready to cooperate with you to organize tours throughout Tajikistan. We have a vast experience and the necessary facilities in the field of tourism. Since the inception, the most fundamental measure of our work is an indicator of high quality. We can confidently note that we have not had single caps, where the indicator of high quality was underestimated by the tourists.

We always appreciate the desire of tourists to get quality services, as humanity evolves through the pursuit of quality, quality of living, quality of labour, health, safety, recreation and other good things of life. We not only hope but also strive to achieve high quality of work to satisfy your needs. We see the future of our organization in the quality work. Our company has an office with highly qualified personnel in all major cities of Tajikistan, which contributes to the possibility of providing quality services.

“Chilmehrob” is your reliable partner in Tajikistan.


Sincerely yours,

Amondullo Nasrulloev 

Chairman "Chilmehrob", LLC